What is a Bug-Out place? These Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs are intended to answer that

The area I cover was developed as non-subdivisions of 36 acres or more. There are around 1,800 lots that were originally 36 acres or more in Juniper Mountain Ranches, Shadow Rock Ranch and Sierra Verde Ranch west of Seligman. The purpose of this article is to provide Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs [pronounce FACTS] about the area near Seligman, Arizona. Many of the properties here would possibly be a good Bug Out Place. In many places there are no homes in full sections of private land. Many sections have three or less cabins or homes on them.

This area is REMOTE. Seligman is a tiny town of less than 500 people. There are no supermarkets here. The closest cities with supermarkets, hospitals and other common resources are Flagstaff, Kingman and Prescott. Some lots may be as much as 40 miles from Seligman, much of which is accessible by miles of dirt road.

These properties, that I often refer to as “Bug-out Places” have varied uses including recreational activities like hunting, ATVing, camping, backpacking, horseback riding and four-wheeling. I did not mention fishing because there are no places to fish in the area.

There are also agricultural uses such as gardening, raising cattle, horses, goats and other livestock.

Here are some important questions to ask:

Is Financing Available?

  • Sometimes — Some Sellers may be willing to carry a note.
  • Down payment of 25-40% is typical! Seller’s cost of selling around 15%
  • Third Party financing is sometimes an option Expect to pay 10% intrest
    and possibly a premium of 10% (like points on a mortgage).
  • Expect financing on a balloon note. — frequently 3 to 5 years!

Is Electric Power Available?

  • On-the-grid electric power (APS) Arizona Public Service
    Don’t count on electric power — however, APS now helps with 750 feet free
    Let me know if you want on-the-grid power, I can help!
  • Solar — Lots of options for this. Get expert help!
  • Motor generator — May be the way to go if you are not a full-time resident.
  • Wind — sometimes it blows and sometimes it doesn’t!

What are the Sources for Water?

  • Can I get a well?   Read more here
    Some areas have wells as shallow as 350 feet — Other Areas wells may be 1,200 ft. deep
  • How much does a well cost?
    send me an e-mail and I will get estimate for you
  • How much does hauled water cost? Get a quote!
  • Where do I get water to haul myself?
    There is a well in Seligman, that runs on quarters
    Shadow Rock Ranch has a GREAT community well
  • Water catchment

What are the Roads Like?

  • Main paved highways are Interstate Highway 40, Historic Highway 66
  • Ft. Rock Road and Anvil Rock Road are partially paved
  • Williamson Valley Road is Yavapai County Road 5 (county maintained but not paved)
  • Mostly Dirt – some are rocky and rough, most have curves and are steep in some places
  • Some roads have clay or soft loamy soil which tend to become boggy when wet
  • Mostly unnamed and marked sometimes.
  • Plan to get maps and plan to get an agent to assist in locating properties and corners

What types of Septic Systems are used?

  • Conventional when there is sufficient soil with good drainage
  • Perc (Percolation) test is done to determine the quality of the drainage
  • Sometimes the deep hole required to do the perc test cannot be dug
    (Yavapai County wants the perc test hole to be 12 ft deep)
  • Alternate Septic Systems are used when the soil is rocky or will not perc

Are there Lots with Improvements?

  • Very few lots have been improved
  • A few of these have septic systems
  • A few have camping trailers
  • A few have manufactured homes
  • A very few have site-built cabins
  • There are even fewer luxurious site-built cabins

What about OPEN SPACE? Arizona State Trust Lands, National Forest

I hope you have found these Frequently Asked Questions, FAQs useful.